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Lynne's Lessons will help teach you the skills necessary to develop confidence, consistency, and stroke techniques and help you be the person everyone wants to play with.

Individual Lessons
$ 45 for 45 Mins
These lessons are for adults who would like to learn to play!

  • Correct grip
  • Basic forehand
  • Basic backhand
  • Drop/Volley serve
  • Return of Serve
  • Dinks/Drops
  • Volleys
  • Overheads
  • Lobs
  • Rules
  • How to keep score
Shared Lessons
$ 70 for 45 mins
Shared lessons are for couples or friends who want to learn the game together.

  • Correct Grip
  • Basic Forehand
  • Basic Backhand
  • Drop/Volley Serve
  • Return of Serve
  • Dinks/Drops
  • Volleys
  • Overheads
  • Lobs
  • Rules
  • Scoring
  • Communication
  • Strategy
$ 30 for 60 mins
For beginners and novice players focused on polishing particular skills in a group!

  • Rules
  • Scoring
  • Match play analysis
  • Effective serving
  • Effective returning
  • Fire and ice skills
  • Psychology of winning
  • Rules/refereeing points
  • Choosing a compatible partner
  • Avoiding injuries
  • Player rating
Gift Certificate
Choose Amount
Individual Lessons

  • $45.00 for 1 Individual Lesson
  • $180.00 for 4 Individual Lessons

  • Shared Lessons

  • $140 for 2 Shared Lessons
  • $210 for 6 Shared Lessons
  • $420.00 for 12 Shared Lessons

Court Locations

Pouncy Tract, Bryan Park, Bangers and Dinks

12 New Courts are Coming in June 2024! to Pouncy Tract and are wonderful for exercising, connecting, and relaxing!

  • Composite Courts
  • 12 Outdoor Courts!
  • Free for everyone to use!


How many lessons do I need to learn to play PB?

If you can hit a ball and are athletic, 4 to 6 lessons. If you need to work on basic strokes and spatial awareness 12 or more lessons.

Can I play Pickleball if I have not exercised recently?

Yes, as long as you are not too out of shape, and you can move safely on the court

What equipment do I need?

Athletic clothing, court shoes, water bottle, sunglasses, hat,
I will provide the paddles and balls

What is the hardest thing to learn when taking PB Doubles lessons?

How to score and remembering 2 rules

Where can I play once I have taken lessons?

Deep Run Recreation Center
Pouncey Tract Park
Eastern Henrico Recreation Center
The Springs in Eastern Henrico
Many Church Groups
With local Meetup Groups I can introduce you to!

Why is the game so popular?

A smaller court makes it easier to successfully win points. It is easier on the body than tennis, squash or badminton. Most people I have met, are welcoming and supportive of new players.

Why should I try this game?

Because it is FUN, and helps you make new friends!