Linda Carter

                Lynne de Wet

Owner Instructor
“Instruction does much, but encouragement everything” Johan Wolfgang van Goethe.

My approach to coaching and Pickleball instruction is to teach individuals the way that they would like to be taught. I use the Clarity4D personality technique to adjust each lesson and experience to how people learn best. I determine what it is that you want to learn, and I adjust my approach on your introverted or extraverted personality. Then adapt it to your learning style for maximum effect.

Individual or Group lessons are a fun opportunity to learn and play with friends. It also is more affordable which is always a plus. I also focus on helping those who need to work on hand-eye coordination, footwork, and building self confidence. I aim to give honest feedback about your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve. Mostly I want you to learn a game to exercise, while meeting new friends and having LOTS of fun!

Coaching is my field of study. I love seeing the joy that a simple change can bring as my students progress. Lets play Pickleball!!